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California’s Largest Gold Nugget

Here is a video of the largest gold nugget  in California. It’s not the largest ever found but it’s a big nugget. I heard that it was found with a detector but only after heavy equipment was used to expose it. Apparently it was buried under dredge piles or some other such placer mining debris. Owner hopes to fetch $250,000 at auction.

The find comes from near Washington, California in the high Sierras.

It’s the stuff of dreams.

(As in, in your dreams) This was actually proved to be a fraud. The gold nugget is real enough, but it was found with detectors in Australia

Drywashing in Arizona

Here is a little video of exactly what I was talking about a few months ago in my “How to find gold” Series. Where good gold nuggets are found with a metal detector, there is certainly good fine gold to be had with a dry washer. See how they cleaned right down to bedrock with vacs. This is the way to do it, straight from the expert: Rob Allison. Enjoy!


Gold Dredging in California

This is a really cool video with some good underwater shots and a nice cleanup at the end. It’s neat to watch the suction dredge pull material off the bedrock underwater. Enjoy!


Silverado Gold Mines Cleans House in Nolan, Alaska

Check out this rather amazing video of heavy equipment, underground drift mining in Nolan Alaska along with the subsequent cleanup. You will really like the results of this clean up, it’s worth it.



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