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Whether you are buying placer gold or selling placer gold, it’s important to know the spot price of gold. The current gold spot price is not everything though. When it comes to buying and selling placer gold, there are other factors to consider.

The spot price of gold lets us know at any given time what an ounce of 99% pure gold bullion is trading for. This gold spot price does not indicate what placer gold is worth, although it can be used as a basis, at least somewhat. So, what is placer gold worth in relation to the gold spot price? That usually depends on how fast you want to sell the gold. Just about anyone can walk into a jeweller or a mining shop and get 80% of spot value. Hey, if you have an ounce of fine placer gold and you have to sell it today, well, go for it. Similarly, if you send your gold to a refiner, they might give you 85% or even more but there is a catch. Most placer gold is impure to one degree or another, say anywhere from 70 to 90% gold. The rest is impurities such as silver, copper, etc. The refiner that will give you 85% sounds good but they will only pay you the spot price of gold for the gold! They certainly won’t pay you the spot price of gold for copper or silver.

The truth is though that placer gold is worth more than the spot price of gold. Sometimes by several hundred percentage points. How can that be so given what you have just read? You have to look at placer gold not only for it’s gold value in weight (gold spot price for 99.9999% fine bullion), but for its gemstone value. It’s actually worth more than it’s weight in gold. How much more depends on a lot of factors but it mostly comes down to who you are selling to, how you are marketing it and how fine it is. 5 ounces of fine gold will be more likely to sell at close to spot price than say an extremely rare, 10 ounce plus placer nugget auctioned off at Christies.

There are many places and ways to buy and sell placer gold. Sometimes the gold forums are a good place to try if you are a trusted member and participant. Ebay can be a good place to buy and sell placer gold. Check out what gold is going for on Ebay now: Placer Gold on Ebay

Let’s say that you find a gram of gold on Ebay which you would like to purchase. How many grams are in a Troy ounce? A troy ounce is 31.1 grams. Let’s say that the spot price of gold is $1000. If you divide $1000 by 31.1 you know that the gram of gold is worth $32.15. If you see that the gram of gold is going for $27 + $7 shipping, do the following math: $27+ $7 = $34 , 34 x 31.1 = $1057. So, you would be paying $1057 per troy ounce for that gram of gold. It pays to take a look around and see what gold is actually selling for in relation to the spot price of gold. With the fluctuations that take place, that can vary from day to day.

Don’t forget to check the spot price of gold before you buy to figure out how much you are paying for the gold!

Of course, the best way to make money on gold is to find it for yourself and just be a seller. Good Luck! :-)
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