Selling Gold Specimens as Jewelry

Here is a little pendant I finished doing up a while ago, a little project I thought gold prospectors might be interested in. The thing to note here is that good solid gold quartz can be cut up and made into some very expensive jewelry. Crushing them up for the gold content may be a serious waste of potential cash for some pieces. This gold-quartz stone is from a piece I found near Grass Valley, CA. It is mounted with 16 very nice little Columbian emeralds in a pre-made 14K gold mounting. These Natural Columbian Emeralds of a quality and clarity that you just don’t normally see its just they are small. The setting of all those little stones was a real pain in the behind, but I think the final result was worth it. Actually selecting that many matching stones all the same size was also a major pain in the behind as well.
The mounting cost me around $40, the stones were a bit more expensive but I had them on hand, and with the gold quartz, this is seriously a $400.00+ piece of jewelry. Yep it takes equipment to turn a stone into a nice cabochon, but I have the equipment needed, so it worked out OK. Check out the original sixteen to one mine website to see how expensive gold quartz cabochons really are.

The best gold quartz has a nice spattering of gold on a pure white background, though some other colors of quartz can be good as long as they are attractive. The piece must also be solid, as cracks will cause the gem to fall apart during cutting.


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