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I recently edited a series of audiobooks with collections of short works by the likes of Stephen Crane, Bret Harte, Jack London and others. I was so impressed with these stories and moved as well. It's my hope to post them here one at a time for your enjoyment. They really are very well written and inspiring. It's good to harken back to a time when one could not go out 45 miles from town in the morning, score an ounce of nuggets and be home for Margaritas and restaurant food by the early evening. It was a different time...

Visit this page for links to gold rush and gold related works of fiction.

To begin with, a tale of serendipity from the California Gold Rush by master wordsmith Bret Harte...

The Luck of Roaring Camp


A tale of hardship in the Alaskan wilderness...

Love of Life by Jack London

Poem on the cold, hard trail from Dawson and Yukon prospectors suggested by Chris Ralph.

The Ballad of Sam McGee by Robert Service, 1907.

Also some selections by Mark Twain suggested by Chris. Thank you Chris Ralph!


Striking it rich: Finding gold

By Mark Twain

A selection from: Roughing It, Published 1871

Also from Roughing it -

The "Blind Lead" - To Millions!


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