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Getting off at the dog track exit in Black Canyon City, AZ, one can cross Black Canyon Creek, off the Maggie Mine Road and make their way into the Soap Creek drainage. This long creek on the eastern side of the Bradshaws is a classic example of central Arizona gold bearing ground. You will see good schist bedrock, heavy black sand and trumpet plants, among other major gold indicators, including a massive iron dike that runs through the area. Nearly any tributary would be worth a swing of the coil.

This area, like all the areas I list has been heavily pounded and has given up hundreds and hundreds of gold nuggets. I'm not giving exact gps coords on this one because the area has an ever changing mix of private property and mineral claims. Take Maggie Mine Road to Marin Dr. and make a left. After crossing the Black Canyon stay on the pavement, veering right. About a 1/4 mile you will see Soap Creek road to the left. The creek below the road is Soap Creek and is private at this point. Make your way back on improved dirt roads to the placer area. Soap creek runs through sections 19, 30, 29 and 28 of the USGS Black Canyon City Quadrangle.

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