Placer Gold Nuggets

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Large Arizona Gold Nugget

Nevada Gold Placers


The state of Nevada has over 100 placer districts and which produced well over 1,700,000 ounces of placer gold since the first authenticated discovery was made by Abner Blackburn in 1849. . The gold placers of Nevada are presented here by county and district.

Churchill County

Holy Cross district,     Jessup district,     Sand Springs district


Clark County Gold Placers

Eldorado Canon district,     Gold Butte district,     Las Vegas district,     Searchlight district,

Boulder Dam,     Bunkerville district,     Muddy River Placers

Douglas County

Mount Siegel district,     Genoa district,     Mountain House (Pine Nug) district


Elko County Placer Gold

Centennial ( Aura, Bull Run) district,     Charleston (cornwall) district,    

Esmeralda County Gold Placers

Lida / Tule Canyon placers,     Sylvania / Palmetto Wash placers, Pigeon Springs placers,


Eureka County Placer Gold

Lynn district,     Eureka district,     Maggie Creek district



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